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[OK, so, to Recit, that's clearly not a dungeon nor a drifting object.

Second, that woman back there wasn't his mom. His ma' is back home and she's great. He doesn't need new one.

Although, despite finding himself in a strange, unknown land, with people claiming to be his parents when they clearly aren't, Recit couldn't be happier.


Because, as a collection enthusiast, being thrown into a world where you do NOTHING but collect is like a dream come true.

So, this feed shows a pretty happy and eager Recit, just smiling widely at all of you.]

Hey, you all. Can you hear me? Eh, this is quite the contraption... This would be really useful back in Empyria...

Well, anyway, So, I got the whole point of this world. You just go out there, explore, have adventures and collect these creatures called Pokémon, right? Hell, just sign me up! This is totally up my alley!

I mean, since I'm a legendary hunter, and collections and adventures are my life, I think this place is the way the universe found to thank me for all my hard work!

There's a... small problem though... [He points the camera to somewhere near his feet and there's a Meowth snoozing there. And it doesn't look like it'll wake up that soon.]

Looks like Dime doesn't want to do anything but sleep. I don't think I can go on epic adventures with him like that. Does anyone know why he's like that? I hope he isn't sick or anything, because that would suck. [Recit sighs, before ending the feed. It seems like a little bit misfortune always tends to follow him, no matter what.]
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(( The Following Is An OOC Post ))

All info about Recit on Route (like Pokémons he caught and his items) can be found here.

Collecting is HIS LIFE )
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(( The following post is OOC ))

These are the basics for Recit's personality and backstory, so then you get to know him better, before interacting with him.

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